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So you pre-registered, now what?

8:14AM July 30, 2018

So you pre-registered - now what? To help raise awareness we wanted to let you know how you can help! We appreciate our members support, patience and questions while we work to launch HomeWorks Connect service.

1) Stop by our Portland office to pick up yard signs and flyers so you can help inform your neighbors that HomeWorks Connect is coming and encourage them to pre-register at http://bit.ly/HWConnectFiber_ !!

2) Let others in your area know that ALL homes and businesses can pre-register NOW, even if they are not in Phase 1. Interest levels from pre-registration will guide our construction process. Your community could be added to the next phase when enough people pre-register.

3) Follow us on Facebook, like and share all of our posts. Let us know what questions you have or have heard in the community by posting comments on our Facebook page or give us a call at 800-668-8413.

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