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What Does It Mean If My Zone Is Ready For Connections?

4:47PM December 21, 2018

Your continued support of HomeWorks Connect has been amazing and the reviews we've received from our Connectors who have had internet installed are exciting! If you're not yet a Connector, make sure you don't miss out when service becomes available in your zone - pre-register now at http://bit.ly/HWConnectFiber_ !

We've promised to provide access to fiber internet to every one of our members! This means that during the five years of our project everyone will be in different "steps to connection" - the next of which is "Connections".

During the "Connections" step, your home will be connected! This step is only started after a zone has reached 100% of sign-ups needed. Depending on the size of your zone, it could take months to connect everyone in it so even after your contract has been signed, there will be some more waiting to do. Know that you'll be contacted when it is time for your home to be connected so that we can schedule a time that works best for you and get any questions answered that we may have about your specific location.

Have more questions? Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we explain the remaining 'steps to connection' and if you aren't seeing your questions answered, send us a message or let us know below!

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