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Prep - If your zone is this color, it indicates that we’re in the stage of actively planning to build fiber to each electric resident we serve in the zone. These zones are in our active Phase. During this step, we design and built out the main connection to our network throughout the area. When our work in these zones is complete, they'll be ready for the next step.


Commitment - If your zone is dark red, the engineering and most of the main construction work is complete, and we're nearly set to begin connecting homes! Customer agreements are sent out via email to everyone in these zones who pre-registered so they can sign up. Generally, we wait for enough residents to sign up before we move to the "Connections" step so that it’s cost effective to build the network. This is why you'll see " _% to goal" in these zones. The wait time is typically 8-12 weeks from the initial signing of a customer agreement. Signing a customer agreement guarantees that HomeWorks Connect will be coming to your house!


Connections - Congratulations! If your zone is light  blue, the goal for contracts signed has been met in your zone, and a timeline for fiber network construction to your home is being established. Depending on the size of your zone, connecting all of the homes there can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. We’ll communicate progress and talk with you about any special situations involving your property that might make fiber construction complicated. If you sign your contract before your zone exits this step, you'll receive free installation so be sure to sign up before you miss out!


In Service! - If your zone is dark blue, service is active throughout the zone. We are still accepting new fiber internet customers in these areas, although an installation fee may be charged. Call 800-668-8413 after you pre-register for more information.


If you missed the chance to pre-register when your zone was in the "Gathering Interest" or "Design" step, you're still able to pre-register and you will be able to sign your customer agreement within a few days of pre-registering. Please enter your address in the bar above to get started!

Zones Working Towards Service

Areas working towards service. Colors of the zones' progress bar refer to the key above the map.


Being Connected


Being Connected


Being Connected


76% to goal

Looking Glass

83% to goal


35% to goal


Being Prepared


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest


Collecting Interest