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100% Of Goal Reached For Our Eagle Zone - Just In Time For The Holidays!

4:50PM December 21, 2018

Exciting news on this Tuesday afternoon! Our Eagle zone has reached its goal number of contracts being signed. This means our crews will begin connecting homes within the zone in the next few months. If you're pre-registered, your customer agreement is signed, and your home is in our Eagle zone, you will be contacted when we're in your specific neighborhood to schedule a time for installation. If you aren't pre-registered, visit http://bit.ly/HWConnectFiber_ to do so before we we've connected all the homes in our Eagle zone so that you don't miss out on free installation!

Although this is an exciting benchmark for our Eagle zone to reach, it's really just the beginning of connecting homes. There are many more steps to connection than simply sending out installers! We'll have to run fiber to every home, splice that fiber to our mainline, and then (finally!) install the fiber in your home. Know that we're working as quickly as we can, snow or shine, to get your home connected to our high-speed fiber internet.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to build out our network and look forward to connecting our Eagle zone members.

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