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2022 June Construction Update

1:44PM June 30, 2022

Phase 4 

·         In the Canadian Lakes zone there are currently 3 remaining out of 17 total cabinets to release. Two of those remaining cabinets in Canadian Lakes have received approval for make ready from a neighboring utility to be completed in early August with the hope to release the two cabinet by the end of August. The third remaining cabinet is being held up due to redesign that must be completed because of an existing utility in the area that is untraceable and therefore unable to be built around.

·         In the Camino zone there are currently 6 remaining out of 11 total cabinets to release. New crews are moving in this week to help move construction along more quickly.

Phase 5

·         The Airline zone has mainline construction is complete and it is currently being tested. Homes in the Airline zone should be connected in the coming weeks.

·         The Wing zone has had mainline construction completed and homes are actively being connected.

·         The Warner zone has mainline construction completed with testing and home connections happening already.

·         The Waterwheel zone is 19% complete and two contractors are working in the area to keep construction moving at a good pace.

·         The Fisher zone started being built this week and next month we’ll have completed miles to report on. Pre-register now so you can receive your customer agreement as soon as they are released!


Other Notes:

The labor market is one of the biggest issues as an increase in fiber-internet projects across the country has made the workforce scarce.

As a company focused on safety, we believe that production cannot come at the expense of cutting corners. To ensure this, we have spent the last few weeks reiterating our safety standards to our contractors in order to avoid any unsafe situations this summer.

In order to maintain a quick pace of construction, we’ve been holding weekly meetings with our contractors to help stay ahead of any issues that might bog construction down.

All temporary drops that were placed this winter should be buried as of June 1. If you or someone you know still has a temporary drop in their yard, please give us a call at 800-668-8413. Thanks!

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