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2022 November Construction Update

6:12PM December 01, 2022


See "Important Definitions" below for more details.

Phase 4:

• In the Camino zone, 9 of 11 cabinets are complete. Mainline construction on 2 of the remaining cabinets will be completed the week of 12/5. Splicing will still need to be completed but home installations should begin before the end of the month. 

Phase 5:

• The West Lake zone has been completed and in home installations will begin in the coming weeks.

• The Knott zone mainline construction is complete, crews are now working on  splicing with progress being at 75% complete. Hoping to begin connecting homes before the new year.

• Sassafras construction is complete and home installations will beg in the coming weeks.

• Oxbow zone construction is 87% complete with home installations to hopefully begin around the start of the new year.

• Diamond zone construction is 57% complete with home installations to hopefully begin around the start of the new year. 

• Pearl zone is 10% complete. Construction in this zone is ongoing and split between two contractors.

• Vandecar zone will begin construction shortly as work has been issued to the contractors and should be starting this week.

Overall Notes:

• Mainline production has been good the last few weeks with averages being over 15 miles per week. 

• We have issued a contract to a second contractor for drops which should allow us to ramp up home installations in December and beyond to help shorten the timeline between contracts being signed and homes being installed.

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