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2022 October Construction Update

1:04PM November 01, 2022


See "Important Definitions" below for more details.

Construction Update

Phase 4

  • The Canadian Lakes zone has been completed!
  • In the Camino zone, 8 of 11 cabinets have been released, with work ongoing in the remaining 3 splitter areas. Conduit is 100% complete and contractors are working on pulling fiber now with work expected to wrap up in the month of November.

Phase 5

  • Waterwheel and Fisher zones have had mainline construction completed. Homes in these zones are beginning to be connected.
  • West Lake zone mainline construction is 98% complete. Construction is complete with the exception of a safety issue found during buildout and coordination difficulties in getting across a buffalo pasture.
  • Knott zone is nearly complete with mainline construction in two of three major areas being 100% completed.
  • Sassafras zone's mainline construction is 90% complete. Contracts have been released in this area and homes should begin to be connected within the next 8 weeks.
  • Oxbow zone has 30% of its mainline construction complete. We have multiple crews working here to keep cabinet turnover more regular.
  • Diamond zone will begin to be constructed very soon, with two crews being moved there.
  • Vandecar and Pearl zones are next on the list for mainline construction. We will start moving crews in as construction wraps up in the Oxbow zone.

Other Notes

  • We are still very busy with a lot of activity spread out over a large area. We are looking forward to wrapping up Phase 4 soon and shifting focus to completing Phase 5.
  • We are still working on bringing on a second drop contractor to help keep our production consistent.

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