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7/20/2020: Pre-register Today!

12:55AM December 07, 2020

Have you heard? HomeWorks Connect is bringing high-speed fiber internet to our members in rural mid-Michigan! Don't miss out - make sure you pre-register today at Join.HomeWorksConnect.org! By pre-registering, you add your name to our list of homes to contact when your neighborhood is being connected. Remember: the email address you use to pre-register is the email address you'll receive your contract at so make sure it's one you check regularly!

Not a member of HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative? That's okay! You can still pre-register at Join.HomeWorksConnect.org. We evaluate all non-member pre-registrations and will contact you if your home is within range of our service territory.

Have questions? Please call our office at 800-668-8413!😀

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