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All Phase 4 Zones Can Sign Contracts!

5:19PM October 29, 2021

Attention all HomeWorks Tri-County Electric members living in our Sylvester Zone! You're next in line to receive internet from HomeWorks Connect - your local, reliable fiber internet network. If you've already pre-registered, check the email inbox of the email address you used to pre-register or sign in at http://bit.ly/HWCsignin. If you haven't pre-registered, visit Join.HomeWorksConnect.org and enter your address to get added to the list. We can't wait to get your neighborhood connected.

This release of contracts means we're nearly to the end of Phase 4 as all the zones in Phase 4 are now able to sign contracts and will very shortly have homes within them connected. We cannot wait to get into Phase 5!

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