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Fiber Service Makes Progress

4:02PM May 03, 2018

April, 2018

HomeWorks Connect, our fiber-to-the-home high-speed internet service, is moving along in Phase 1.

We expect to build service to our first retail customers in September; meanwhile, we’ve had crews out engineering and inspecting our power lines to make sure they’re ready for the addition of fiber optic cable when construction starts in May.

Phase 1 includes building along the PT2, PT3, PT4, GE2, GE3, and GE4, OD1, and OD3 circuits (see map), in these townships: Woodland (Barry County); Eagle and Westphalia (Clinton County); Benton, Oneida, and Roxand (Eaton County); and Berlin, Danby, Ionia, Lyons, Odessa, Orange, Portland, Sebewa, and Sunfield (Ionia County).

Over the next several months, we’ll post updates here in Michigan Country Lines, as well as on our Facebook page and homeworks.org. Whether you’re in the Phase 1 area or not, you can join our waiting list at HomeWorksConnect.org – the information will help us determine where to go for Phase 2 and beyond.

Fiber Readiness Tip #1:  Make sure you have a portable email address. If your email goes through your current ISP, i.e., sbcglobal.net or similar, set up a new account with Google, Hotmail, or another no-cost service. Start moving your subscriptions and contact list over now to avoid a last-minute rush.

Fiber Readiness Tip #2:  Don’t sign any long-term agreements with your current carrier. Many services will try to lock you in with a slight discount, keeping you from taking advantage of fiber as soon as it’s available to you.

Fiber Readiness Tip #3: Tell your neighbors! Direct them to HomeWorksConnect.org to join our waiting list - no matter where you live, we'll be using member interest to help us determine where the next phase or two will take us.

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