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Introducing HomeWorks Connect

4:01PM May 03, 2018

February, 2018

HomeWorks Connect is our new fiber-to-the-home service intended to benefit all of the 26,000 mid-Michigan homes and businesses served by the cooperative across 13 counties.

HomeWorks plans to install fiber optic cable along our electric system. This high-speed data line would serve two purposes: 1) creating a network of system data that will help maintain and strengthen our system against animals, storms and load growth, and 2) providing member-consumers with state-of-the-art high-speed internet service.

“Most of us don’t remember when co-ops were formed in the late 1930s. Farmers worked together because none of the big utilities would bring power lines to their homes and families,” says general manager Mark Kappler. “But our history is being repeated now with high-speed internet access. Just as electricity was essential to improving lives 80 years ago, high-speed internet is needed for education, economic development, and overall quality of life here.”

Phase 1 will extend to areas of Ionia, Eaton, and Clinton counties with plans to make the first service installations to members in September 2018. After the pilot is complete, service will be offered in phases to the surrounding areas as interest is generated and the infrastructure is built. Kappler estimates it will take about five years to complete after the first service installation.

Plans are to offer 50Mbps unlimited up and down service at prices starting at $54.95.

We are creating a waiting list for members who are interested, and a crowd-sourcing web page will be set up soon to allow direct sign-ups for service.

HomeWorks Connect service will be made available to all of the co-op's member-consumers before extending to non-members, but the general public is encouraged to show interest at the crowd-sourcing web page as well.

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