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Phase 2 Announced!

9:00AM February 04, 2019


Are you in Phase 2 of HomeWorks Connects' high-speed fiber internet project? Check to see if your zone is on the map below! Members located in our Clarksville, Sebewa, or what was previously Capitol zone have shown the most interest by pre-registering at http://bit.ly/HWConnectFiber_. They have officially been designated as the area that we will head to next!

To help us better understand where interest lies in the Phase 2 territory, we've broken down the larger Capitol zone into smaller zones: Capitol Mt. Hope, Capitol Castle, Capitol Maple, Capitol Vermontville, Capitol Royston, Capitol Chester, Capitol Plains, Capitol Onondaga, and Capitol Bunkerloo. We've divided all those members who have pre-registered in Capitol zone into the smaller zone that their address falls in. You'll notice that some of their interest levels are lower than the larger zones still in the "Gathering Interest" step due to us separating out Capitol's overall interest level into these new smaller zones. When we decide on Phase 3, 4 and 5, we'll likely follow the same protocol and split some of the larger regions into smaller ones to help us better understand where within the active phase we should begin. If you have questions about these new zones, please call in to our office at 800-668-8413.

If you've already pre-registered, you've automatically been sorted into your new zone. In our Phase 2 territory but haven't pre-registered yet? Head over to http://bit.ly/HWConnectZones to find out which new zone you're in!

Frustrated because you didn't make it into Phase 2? Make sure that you're in Phase 3 by encouraging your friends and neighbors to pre-register for HomeWorks Connect at http://bit.ly/HWConnectFiber_ so that we can see which area we need to head to next.

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