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What Does It Mean If My Zone Is Being Designed?

4:37PM December 03, 2018

Every day we're moving closer connecting each one of our members! We wish we could connect everyone overnight, but a fiber-to-the-home internet system takes months and years of planning and building to complete. Pre-register now at http://bit.ly/HWConnectFiber_ so you don't miss out when your zone is connected!

We've promised to provide access to fiber internet to every one of our members! This means that during these five years everyone will be in different "steps to connection" as their zone moves closer to being connected. Over the next few weeks, we'll be explaining these steps in more depth. The second step to connection is "Design".

During the "Design" step, you'll first begin to see us in your area! We'll send out crews to walk our lines and be sure our poles prepared to have fiber added to them. In many instances, we'll do some tree trimming or replace the poles themselves. You'll be notified that we'll be in your area for these things via postcards. This step is also when our engineers begin planning how the fiber will be built out into an area which means they decide where they'll put distribution cabinets, splitters, and terminals.

After a zone is engineered, we being the last step of the design process! For this last step, we have our construction crews begin to build out the mainline fiber that will bring internet access to an area. To complete the mainline construction, splicing crews will come through and connect all the pieces of fiber together. This mainline construction process takes up to six months or more to complete and when it's done, the zone will be able to begin the next step: "Commitment".

There's no 'magic number' for sign-ups during the "design" step, so you won't see a percent to goal listed for your zone at this point at http://bit.ly/HWConnectZones . Instead, the important thing when your zone is being designed is for your zone to be higher on the list of zones in the 'design' step than any other zone. The number of people pre-registered in your zone determines how high up on the list your zone is! Being pre-registered will allow us to more easily contact you and the other members in your zone when it's time for contracts to be signed during the 'commitment' step and the more contracts that are signed, the sooner your zone will begin to be connected.

Have more questions? Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we explain the remaining 'steps to connection' and if you aren't seeing your questions answered, send us a message or let us know below!

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