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What Does It Mean If My Zone Is Ready for Commitment?

4:40PM December 03, 2018

We can't wait to serve you all with the most reliable high-speed internet around! Pre-register now at http://bit.ly/HWConnectFiber_ so you don't miss out when your zone is connected.

We've promised to provide access to fiber internet to every one of our members before our project is complete! This means that during these five years everyone will be in different "steps to connection" - the third of which is "Commitment".

This is typically an exciting step for members as they finally get to sign a contract that ensures that their house won't be missed when we begin connecting homes in their area! During this step, contracts are sent via email to anyone pre-registered for service. If your zone is in "Commitment" but you haven't received your contract, be sure to call our office at 800-668-8413 and we will work to get your contract to you.

In "Commitment" there is finally a 'magic number' for sign-ups! We typically wait until a zone reaches 100% of its goal before we begin connecting homes in the area.This allows our crews to operate most efficiently, saving you money! It's important for zones in "Commitment" to encourage their neighbors and friends to sign their contracts so that their zone can reach their goal and then be moved to "Connections"!

Have more questions? Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we explain the remaining 'steps to connection' and if you aren't seeing your questions answered, send us a message or let us know below!

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