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What Is Internet Speed and Why Is It Important?

4:50PM July 20, 2018

One of the best analogies for internet speed is comparing it to water pressure: it's all about how long it takes to move an amount of volume. The internet is made up of electronic packets. A packet is simply a unit of data. Every computer that is hooked up to the internet transfers its information to other computers

using these packets. For comparison, these packets are like drops of water. Just as more water pressure will deliver more drops of water in a shorter time frame, a faster internet connection will deliver more of these packets in a shorter time frame. The number of packets transferred through a connection in a given amount of time is that connection's internet speed.

For example, you could technically wash your hair with water barely trickling out of the showerhead, but having enough pressure to quickly rinse the shampoo out makes all the difference. As far as internet speed goes, you could technically stream a video by watching one or two frames at a time and then waiting for it to buffer for a few minutes, but nobody wants to do that. A faster internet speed will make everything you do online a smoother experience.

Based on information found at HighspeedInternet.com.

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