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Connect to Your World With HomeWorks Connect!

Welcome to HomeWorks Connect, the high-speed fiber internet service created specially for the 26,000 mid-Michigan homes and businesses served their electricity by HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative. We're in the final year of our member build out which means we hope to be able to connect all of our members that want service before the end of the year!

How does the process work?

  1. Members pre-register for HomeWorks Connect by visiting Join.HomeWorksConnect.org, inputting their address, and following the prompts. Be sure to use a good email address when you pre-register so that you'll receive your official contract when the time comes!
  2. HomeWorks Connect keeps track of these pre-registrations in each area of our service area and uses these numbers to help us decide where to build to next!
  3. When your zone is in the next phase, you'll be notified via email. If you're in the active phase, you'll receive your contract via the email address you used to pre-register.
  4. You sign your contract online.
  5. Our office will call you within a few weeks of you signing your contract to finalize your details and let you know when to expect to see installers at your location.
  6. You'll be connected to HomeWorks Connect high-speed fiber internet network! 


Mainline Construction - the first step in building HomeWorks Connect's service through an area. This step involves installing the fiber cables that carry internet service across our service territory. Once the fiber cables are hung on the lines or buried underground, many more steps must take place before homes can be installed so, although mainline construction being completed is exciting, it doesn't mean that your home will be installed within a few days. Your home installation may still be weeks or months out. For an update on your specific location, you are always able to call our office at 800-668-8413.

Splicing - this is the process that connects fiber cables together. Since fiber cables are made of glass, a splicer's job is to melt the glass strands together so that the light that carries your internet service can travel where they need to go. There are two main types of splicing that must be completed: mainline splicing and drop splicing. Mainline splicing takes place between large fiber cables on the mainline while drop splicing is the process that connects your home to the mainline. Once your drop is spliced, your home installation can be installed.

Drop - The drop is the piece of fiber cable that connects the mainline to your home. These typically follow the path that your electric service takes to get to your home and if an alternate route is needed, a site plan may be required before the drop to your home can be built. Once your drop is built, a second crew will come to splice the drop and finally, you will be called to have your home installation scheduled.


Where can I learn more?

  • Visit the Updates tab, above, to follow our recent announcements.
  • Check out our FAQ page!
  • Give us a call at 1-800-668-8413 or stop by one of your local HomeWorks offices (Portland or Blanchard) to get your questions answered by our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives.

You don’t receive electric service from HomeWorks?

Go ahead and sign up anyway if you’re in our service area’s footprint, and encourage your neighbors to sign up if they're interested, too. We're now looking to extend service to other homes and businesses.